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Since the dawn of time, my people have observed the universe. I have witnessed the birth of galaxies, and the destruction of civilizations. For I am UATU, I am the WATCHER. It is my purpose to view all that is of significant importance. I only record, and never interfere. During my travels through the cosmos I have never come across a more complete and fully functional comic book website. For these reasons I report this:

  • Thousands of comics in stock and ready to ship.
  • Over 1,300 hundred different trade paperbacks in stock.
  • Hundreds of hard covers in inventory.
  • The largest selection of comic book posters on the web.

20 % off of all items, EVERDAY- Besides word of mouth on this galaxy, this is what originally warranted me to seek out this site. It's true. All items, not just the undesirable product, is on sale all the time and with no limit! Hard to find variant comics, action figures, trades, even t-shirts (they did not have my size, XVXL), posters and everything else. Excellent. They must have many regular shoppers, even in other continents, because...

DemolitionComics.com is the first comic book website in the world in 5 languages- They appreciate all their customers and would like to make international shopping easier by offering their website in English, Spanish, Italian, German, and French. With just a click of a flag, the website translates almost entirely into the chosen language. These are professional translations, and not cheap and inaccurate machine translations. Believe me, I know because I speak every language, and dialect known and even some that will come to be.

Great customer service and 12 years of experience in shipping and comic retailing- As I investigated further I found out that Demolition Comics has been in business for 12 years, and that they have been shipping internationally almost from the beginning. Highly experienced in the needs of the comic book and collector community they strive to bring the best and most desirable items to their website. Contacting them is easy, and a reply, if warranted, is received soon after. They have received awards for their professionalism, retailing accomplishments, and emails of accolade in three different languages from happy customers around the world. I was impressed that they...

Accept all major credit cards, checks and money order- This establishment is running a business, and so it is wise to accept all forms of payment as they do. I have seen multi-million dollar businesses that did not accept a particular credit card; and how about that local merchant that has seen you shop with him, and still will not accept your check? How come they do? "Interesting", you say..."But will I receive what I pay for?" Of course you will because they have... Real time on-line ordering and inventory control sytem- Unlike many other sites, the current inventory available as shown on-line is actually available for shipping and ordering. If the items are not in stock, than a "sold-out" message will be displayed. No more guess work: "Will I or will I not be receiving what I ordered?" Is a question that should no longer go through your mind. What's more my shopping was made even simpler because the site was so easy to navigate, and all items had very nice color pictures letting me know what I would be purchasing.

Fast shipping and careful packing- These humans actually trained their people on properly creating invoices, pulling merchandise, and packing. Unlike some of the so called top comic and collectible websites, most orders at Demolitioncomics.com ship within 1-4 business days. It just depends on the load for the week. I have seen a couple of hundred packages leave from there in a week. Sometimes my order has left their building in a day, sometimes in three, but it surely beats 2-3 weeks as with most other sites and then I only receive some items. Soon after your order ships, they close the sale on their site and it generates an email letting you know your package is on the way and the delivery confirmation number if you are in the U.S. or a customs number for international buyers. When my order arrived after traveling a vast distance, and going through a meteor shower, the package box had seen better days, but because....

ALL Comics are bagged and boarded free of charge- My comics arrived safe and sound. Whether your shipment is going the next town over or a distant galaxy (as mine) all comics are slipped into acid free protective sleeves and acid free protective boards. What service! For once I was not treated differently because I was an "out of town" buyer. I could never find a comic book retailer back on my planet that would do this for me locally let alone one that would do it for me at no extra charge and ship it across the stars! I was happy to see that along with my purchase I also received a...

FREE gift with purchase- I soon discovered that with all purchases of $25.00 or more before taxes ( Fla. residents), and shipping charge, they include an interesting free gift or gifts with my shipment! I was already delighted with the 100% fill rate, that I had received 20 % off of my entire order, free bags and boards with all my comics, that the free gift was an added bonus I would have never expected. It's a shopping experience that is truly professional, unique, affordable, and enjoying. As you know I am the WATCHER and my life's mission is merely to report occurences of grand importance.. so I cannot make you do anything you do not wish to.. I only say observe as I have done.

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